NEUVO NOTICIAS December 2022

Are you a newly arrived immigrant starting a new life in the US?  NUEVO en US is here for you to help navigate the challenges along the way.

NUEVO en US brings together a group of nonprofit partners offering a variety of services to  those who are new to our country.

Car Credit is the main sponsor of Neuvo en US, making funding available to connect newcomers to important information and resources in both English and Spanish. We hope that you will find these resources helpful during this challenging time.



Car Credit and the Housing and Education Alliance work together to help ensure that people in the Tampa Bay area can find the resources they need to house their families. Sometimes, a small inexpensive place is the best temporary answer, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun making it your own.

Fitting everything you require into a small space or apartment can be challenging. Trying to do everything and make it look good is even more difficult, but that’s what makes small space design so enjoyable: Coming up with clever solutions to those obstacles makes the result all the more rewarding.

Plan It Out

While experts agree that “small spaces necessitate creativity,” they also believe that you should never compromise your taste or style, but planning is essential. Map out your living space and consider the various uses of the rooms. Experiment with different configurations, maximizing utility without sacrificing comfort.

Maintain a Clear Floor

Even the most beautifully designed and decorated small room is useless if you can’t walk in it. Floating pieces, such as shelves and nightstands, can keep the floor clear of obstacles. Use sconces and wall lights to keep the floor uncluttered.

Choose Folding Pieces.

Consider installing furniture that can be folded away when not in use. You’ll save space on the floor and avoid accumulating junk on these surfaces.

Mirrors Can Be Your Best Friend

Mirrors can help you maximize what light you have by reflecting it around the room. They make a small space appear larger by creating the illusion of square footage

Introduce Multifunctional Products

Invest in pieces with unexpected storage compartments and space-saving extensions. Also, use wall space wisely – mounted storage and modular shelves allow you to make the most of every square inch.

Utilize Small-Space Trends

Many trends come and go, but not small-space trends, which are more functional than fashionable. Many small spaces lack storage, so utilize available vertical storage and integrate smart furniture.

Rugs can help you define zones.

Define each area of your space with rugs to create zones and define each nook rather than giving the impression of a single, merged room. When space is at a premium, every room must serve a purpose.

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TAMPA BAY NETWORK TO END HUNGER o TBNEH (Red de Tampa Bay para acabar con el hambre)

Soaring Prices At The Grocery Store

According to the US Department of Agriculture, U.S. consumers are caught in a perfect storm of health, policy, and climate forces that have caused unprecedented food inflation. Food prices have taken a 12% jump in the past year.

“For consumers to start to see a decrease in prices, there are underlying factors that will need to be addressed,” says economist Dr. David Ortega.

COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and climate change are among the chief causes, according to Ortega. The current food inflation started with the COVID-19 supply chain bottleneck. “We immediately noticed that people changed the way they shopped for food,” Ortega observes. “When they couldn’t go out to restaurants, people rushed to the grocery store, and ultimately this placed a lot of stress on the supply chain.”

Many food and agricultural industries were impacted as well. Workers at food processing and packing plants, were afflicted with the virus, reducing food manufacturing output. The war in Ukraine prevented a lot of grain, wheat and vegetable oil from leaving the country.  With a major supplier like Ukraine offline, supplies were slashed and prices skyrocketed. Other factors include the increased cost of transportation, processing, energy, fertilizer, and labor.

Extreme heat and drought has ravaged the western United States, while China had a very hot and dry summer. South America, Canada, and Europe also had significant heat waves. The result is less food, lower productivity, and ultimately higher food prices.”

 “Food prices will not be coming down in the short term,” Ortega explains. It pays off to shop around at various retailers to find the best deals on items important to you and your family.




Tampa Bay Harvest, Inc (“TBH”) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) food recovery and gleaning organization operating in West Central Florida, including Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

Over 250 TBH volunteers pick up leftover, sale dated and quality excess food items from local supermarkets, restaurants, as well as other food related businesses, delivering the rescued food to one of the more than 100 local area charities served by TBH who, in turn, feed the hungry. In addition, we now operate a ‘free’ grocery store in Tampa serving our community citizens directly.

Since being formed in 1989 TBH volunteers have delivered over 60,000,000 pounds of food to the local charities that serve the needy citizens of our community. We provide high-quality food that restaurants, grocery stores, food distributers and caterers would have otherwise gone to waste.

By rescuing this food and using the same to feed the needy of the Tampa Bay area, TBH volunteers enable local charities to expand their services despite already stretched budgets. Applying a conservative value of $1.50 per pound to the donated food means that since 1989 TBH volunteers have enabled local charities to use approximately $81,000,000 for other services. Services such as continuing education, job training, day care and medical care, rather than using these funds to feed their agencies clientele.

To meet its operating requirements, TBH relies on generous individuals and corporate partners who share our vision. TBH currently has no paid positions. All positions (including its Board of Directors) are filled by volunteers who use their resources, homes, offices and private vehicles to complete their volunteer functions. All operating needs such as: warehouse space, transportation, postage, photocopies, telephone costs, etc. are all fulfilled by donations from the community.

Join us in our fight against hunger in the Tampa Bay area. If you are interested, please go to the GIVE section to learn how you can help today!

Chef Kevin

Recipe of the Month: Easy Bean Omelet

As a single dad, Chef Kevin McGinnis cooked on a budget for his kids for years.  Try this tasty, nutritious, and affordable recipe to lure your gang off their screens around the dinner table.

NEUVO NOTICIAS December 2022

Recipe by Chef Kevin


Prep time


Cooking time


Total time




  • 1 can (14oz) of black beans

  • 1 tsp cooking oil

  • 1/4 yellow onion

  • 8 eggs

  • 1 cup grated cheese

  • 1 tbsp butter

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Hot sauce, optional


  • Drain the black beans and mince the onion.
  • Crack open the eggs and whisk in a bowl. Add the grated cheese, season with salt and pepper, and set aside.
  • Heat a skillet and add the cooking oil. Add the beans and cook for 3-4 minutes over a medium flame. Lower the flame to low.
  • Add the butter, and once melted, add the eggs. Stir once to incorporate.
  • Allow the omelet to cook, and once cooked on one side, fold or roll gently with a spatula. Serve immediately and slice.
  • Serve with a side of hot sauce!


  • Calories: 616
  • Carbs: 63.6g
  • Protein 39.6g
  • Fat 23.5g

Need food assistance?

If you or someone you know needs food assistance, go to the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger’s comprehensive guide of resources. It will connect you to local food programs across the Tampa Bay area. To learn more,


Part of keeping your teenager out of trouble is structuring time productively. After-school jobs have been a traditional stepping stone in adolescent growth and development, but with kids busier than ever, is it a good idea? Many students participate in scouting, FFA, or faith-based programs as well as athletics and arts activities. With barely enough time to catch up as a family, should parents encourage their adolescent children to get a job?

In fact, the tradition seems to hold weight. Aside from earning money and becoming self-sufficient, there are numerous advantages to a teenager working:

It promotes an early understanding of basic finance and a growing sense of independence.

Nothing teaches a teen more about money and the true worth of the things they buy than having to spend their own money to get what they want.

It boosts self-esteem.

Having a job means that a young person will be unable to avoid challenging tasks and some intimidating situations. By persevering, they are equipped with a new skill that gives them more confidence.

It opens new gates.

From the perspective of a teenager, having a job provides a world of opportunities and can foster a new sense of freedom. They can juggle their own spending priorities – a taste of independence, tempered with responsibility.

It makes them learn about the real world.

A job is a crash course on the ups and downs of the Real World. Teens learn to how judge character, and how to recover from mistakes and disappointments. They start paying their bills, dressing professionally, and taking responsibility for themselves.

You are still the parent

When a teenager takes a job, it is still their parents’ responsibility to keep an eye on them. Parents should research and observe to ensure that their working conditions are fair, and make it clear to your teen that they should be treated with dignity. Teens must learn to tell the difference between someone being their boss and someone taking advantage of them. As a parent, you can help them tell the difference.

To make a financial donation to the Young Lions, go to:

For more information on donating and volunteering, visit The Young Lions main page at

Ronald McDonald House Charities Tampa Bay


The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay (RMHCTB) operates the Ronald McDonald Houses in the Tampa Bay area. They provide a home away from home that offers comfort, support and resources to families who travel far from home for the medical care their child needs. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay Chapter operates 4 Houses –  3 in St. Petersburg and 1 in Tampa – offering 80 bedrooms with private baths located near local pediatric hospitals. 

Recently, Gaby Calderon, popular RUMBA 106.5 personality, made a tour of one of the local Ronald McDonald House locations. Watch his video here

To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay, visit their website at


NUEVO EN US and Car Credit are grateful to The Housing and Education Alliance, The Young Lions Youth Organization, Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger, and Ronald McDonald House Charities for all their efforts to serve our neighbors in need. 


Car Credit is committed to supporting those who are new to our Tampa Bay community and to the wonderful nonprofit organizations who help them on their Road to the American Dream. Click here to find out more.

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