Thanks to the generosity of Car Credit Tampa. Nuevo En US, a Tampa Bay based nonprofit, is now able to offer a full marketing campaign to nonprofits interested in expanding their Hispanic Outreach initiative. 

This grant award comes in the form of marketing resources which include:
–  Website evaluation and Spanish language development (if needed) including adding a Spanish language blog and articles
–  Quarterly landing pages that focus on any specific efforts from fundraising to awareness of a new program, in Spanish.
–  Google Grants management that leads to the website and landing pages.
–  A television and radio schedule on Spanish language television and radio stations.
–  Social Media assistance in Spanish language social media.
–  Monthly blog posts in Spanish.


Application on website:

To apply, you must be a Hillsborough, Polk or Pinellas County 501c3

Ubicacion en Tampa

New En US, Inc.
5338 North 40th St.
Tampa FL, 33610

This program is funded through a partnership with Car Credit of Tampa.  The owner, Steve Cuculich comes from an immigrant family himself.  Cuculich is driven to help nonprofits assist the people who need it the most.  Having worked with the Spanish immigrant population in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years, he has come to appreciate the diversity of this community and is passionate about supporting them.


All grant related marketing materials will be co branded with Car Credit Tampa and Nuevo En US.